Jun 14, 2024

We’ve got some news that’s going to make your gameplay even more fun and affordable. We’re introducing Promo Packs in Yareel 2.0!

These are special bundles that include multiple items at a discounted rate. Yep, you heard that right – buying in bulk means you save more! Think of it as the gaming equivalent of a warehouse club, but way more exciting.

So, what’s in these Promo Packs? We’ve got three sizzling options for you to choose from:

Latex Promo Pack: A collection of latex items for men with 50% discount.
Sybian Promo Pack: A pack featuring all things Sybian – the Sybian and all poses with this sex machine.
Threesome Pack: Save 30% and get 5 rope poses. The rope item is included in this pack.

These Promo Packs aren’t just great for spicing up your own gameplay; they also make perfect gifts for friends!

However, there’s a catch – these Promo Packs are exclusive to Yareel 2.0. If you haven’t made the switch yet, now’s the time. Promo Packs will be added to the web version a little later.

Happy gaming, everyone!

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