Key Features


Have anonymous adult conversations



Make an individual avatar



Get outfits and fix up your appearance



Have sex with other avatars



An active and vast community



Meet real people in real time




“It has all of the best features that avatar games have, but free and with lots of kinky sex. You can meet up with real living and breathing people and have some naughty cybersex with them while your avatars go at it. It’s a unique concept that has been executed pretty damn well. You should try it out.”


“Everyone will be able to join the fantasy universe of Yareel 3D, the place beloved by many fans of flirting and dirty talk, which became an embodiment of hot fantasies, expanding the audience of thousands of real users from around the world.”


“The Yareel developers deserve a round of applause for being enthusiastic about their game. If they keep going Yareel could very well become the gold standard of multiplayer sex games.”


“Yareel is the world’s only multiplayer 3D sex game for Android + Desktop + Browser, combined with one of the most profitable niches – dating. Players create 3D avatars and use them for flirting, dating and sexting with other real users.”


Valued feedback from our featured information partner

Yareel is half adult game, half adult social network. This sex sim sandbox has dozens of positions, multiple camera angles and plenty of replay value. While the game lacks realistic transitions between poses, the overall Yareel experience is raised several notches by an engaging multiplayer system which combines online/real-life interactions to excellent effect. Read more… 

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