Jul 05, 2019

Hi Yareel.

My name is Christie. I was born a boy and according to the documents I’m still a man. Moreover, I am married and I have two teen children. I have a good position, a big house and a wonderful family. But since my childhood I loved to change into women’s clothes. At first it was my mother’s wardrobe, and now, when there is no one at home, I put on my wife’s dresses and underwear, put on makeup and become Christie. I use the form of Christie to pleasure from sex. I really love my wife, but she is too classical in her views, so I cannot satisfy my sexual needs with her.

I tried many dating sites, but they didn’t understand me I only received rudeness and rudeness. I even tried to go to a party for sissyboys in real life, but nothing good came of it.

But once I met Yareel and since then it has become for me the place where I can fulfill my sexual needs. I met people who are not afraid of the fact that I am a man in the form of a woman. We are having fun together and I do not see any condemnation on their part. We just enjoy it.

Thank you for having such a wonderful place and wonderful people in it.

And I really hope you add the shemale to the game. And I’m really looking forward to this moment, so I donated.

Your Christie (Christopher)

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