#HowYareelHelps. Helen: I met some people in Yareel who really helped me to fulfil my fantasies
Jul 03, 2019

Hello players of Yareel and Yareel team. 

Yareel is such a great game and means very much to me personally because it improved my life greatly. I joined Yareel after some friend recommended it to me. First, I was a bit skeptical, but it turned out to be the best decision 
Before I joined Yareel I was very shy, especially about my sex life. I was afraid to express my wishes and fantasies and did not enjoy sex at all. But after I joined Yareel I met some people who really helped me to fulfil my fantasies and they enjoyed in them too so it was mutual pleasure. That game me a lot of confidence to express my wishes even outside of Yareel. So thank you Yareel team for this great game.

Sincerely, Helen

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1 year ago


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