Jul 12, 2019

Hi, Yareel

My name is Linda, I am married and I love to play Yareel. My husband constantly goes on business trips and they last from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. But I need for sex during his absence. Of course, in my bedroom there are various toys for adults, but I find it much more interesting to put other people’s desires into life. I love submission and perform master commands. I have found some people in Yareel to play with. I do not call them friends, because I use Yareel only for sexting, not for companionship. They tell me how I must satisfy myself and I do it. They say when I can cum, and when I have to endure. They say which of my toys I use. I tell them what and how I do, how I caress myself and how I feel about it. It excites me much more strongly and brings more pleasure, than if I simply masturbated in loneliness.

You ask: And what about the husband? My husband knows about Yareel, but he understands that this is not a cheat. There is no physical contact, I satisfy myself. Nobody in Yareel had even seen how I look in real life. Of course, when my husband is at home I do not play because I don’t have to. But when he is gone, Yareel and the people in him are my salvation.

Thanks for this amazing game!

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    5 years ago

    Bast adult apps

    4 years ago
    Reply to  Yareel 3D

    CV bien tous le monde

    5 years ago

    Thats great Linda.

    5 years ago

    Hey thats great Linda, have a nice time !

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