Solving the problem with updating Unity Player

February 11, 2019
If you have a problem updating the Unity player, follow the instructions below:

Go to C:\user\AppData and delete unity in local/localLow and roaming, after it download the unity player from here and load this full player or download it by this link.

Usually the folder AppData is hidden in the Windows system. Please use the google search to find out how to display hidden files and folders in your version of Windows. 

When you do this, find the folder AppData and it contains the folders Unity. Delete folders Unity.
Unity folders needs to be deleted in three directories: 
C: \ user \your username in Windows \ AppData \ Local 
C: \ user \your username in Windows \ AppData \ LocalLow 
C: \ user \ your username in Windows \ AppData \ Roaming 

then restart your system

then install the unity player

and then restart the system again

N.B. All browsers must be closed during installation


Not helpful in the tiniest bit. None of the instructions work or are clear or current. If you had a useful update tool it would fix all of these problems.



If something is not clear to you in the instructions, then contact the support service, they will help you.

Xanthous Runt

Thanks! The tutorial worked fine! I didn’t even need to restart my system.


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