Sep 30, 2021

Practices related in one way or another to BDSM have existed in many cultures for centuries. They have been used as profound methods of exploring consciousness, power, and control. But until now, most in our society treat them as taboo.

Recently, however, attitudes towards BDSM have begun to change with its growing popularity in pop culture. The bestselling novel “50 Shades of Gray” made even prim housewives wonder if they might be missing out on something in their sex life 🙂 And recent studies on the biological mechanisms associated with BDSM interactions have shown that these practices have also positively affect psychological health. Don’t believe me? 🙂 See for yourself – link.

For most newbies, the first associations with BDSM are handcuffs and a gag. Indeed, practices with these subjects are the most common. These small portable toys are psychologically important. In practical terms, a gag is a means of silencing a person, preventing him from speaking or drowning out his screams. From the side of psychology, this is control over a person, power, and submission. So, the ability to speak gives you strength, and if someone takes it away from you, dominance is established over you. And you become powerless. The same is with handcuffs – they transmit power in a relationship, the one in whose hands is the key to them. Restraining or handcuffing a partner can create an intimate and powerful sexual experience. The “top” (dominant) can do whatever he wants, while the “bottom” is in a vulnerable and exciting position, being in his power. There is an element of deep trust that comes with using handcuffs and other restraints during sex.

In this video, Miss Banana completely surrendered herself to the top one. The handcuffs limited her movement, and at the 12th minute, her partner fastened a gag on her. Powerful power. Exciting?

Even if you are not a fan of BDSM, restraints can be a powerful erotic experience for you as well. Giving up control of your body for a while and handing it over to another person can help turn off your mind. Which can be very helpful in today’s world 🙂

Would you like to try BDSM? If you’re looking for not knowing where to start as a beginner, then handcuffing and gagging is a really easy and very exciting way to start your journey. The main thing is to discuss with your partner beforehand how you want it to be. Dirty talk allows you to go into details and build a script that will play out later. And the conversations themselves can be just as arousing as the fondling.

For those who aren’t ready to step on the path of BDSM in the real world, you can try it here in the game Yareel3D. Emotions and experiences are guaranteed 🙂

For beginners and already practicing BDSM for a long time, we have added three new poses.

A short video of these poses in action.

Restraints are a fantastic way to explore the world of BDSM and discover a new level of pleasure and play!!!

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    May Flower
    May Flower
    1 year ago

    No, this does not make sense. Gags and handcuffs are not typically associated with love.

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