May 26, 2021

Even in ancient times, people in a primitive way applied tattoos to the body to look more attractive. In addition to aesthetics, the drawings were intended to protect the owner, being a talisman. Nowadays, tattooing is more perceived as a way of self-expression. What does a tattoo give to its owner? And how does it affect his sexuality and the perception of him by people around him?

The reasons why a person gets a tattoo can be different. It can be as an opportunity to document a specific time in his life or to make a statement about something. Show his own sense of style or hide some physical flaws. Someone gets a tattoo to have a better sex life. Someone enjoys the process itself. Anyone with ink on their body can attest to the sensuality of a tattoo. A needle hit is an intense endorphin-related experience where the pain or fear factor can be exciting and erotic.

Not everyone wants to put a full-color picture on the entire back. This is not necessary at all, in the mini tattoo trend. Often, even a small drawing on the body contributes to an increase in self-esteem, being a means of self-affirmation. The plot of the tattoo lifts the veil of a person’s inner world, hinting at addictions and dreams.

The little heart on this beauty’s ass makes men’s hearts race.

Compared to people without tattoos, people with tattoos tend to have a higher need to feel unique and tend to have certain risk-taking personality traits.

It would seem that men should lead among those who want to get a tattoo. However, according to statistics, women are more often in the armchair of the tattoo artist.

Women with tattoos are more sexually open according to a study from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. They are more inclined to research and experimentation than a woman without a tattoo. Of the 814 women surveyed (some had tattoos, some did not), women with tattoos were more likely to have casual sex.

Another reason why women with tattoos can be more sexually open is that (whether they realize it or not) when they decide to get a tattoo, they challenge views of femininity and sexuality. In fact, they declare that it is for them to decide how they look or what they want, including in the bedroom. Self-sufficient women have earned respect and attracted men to themselves. It seems to men that she is not afraid of expressing her feelings, not hesitate to be naked, and possibly more experienced in sex.

The ink drawings on this pretty girl’s skin were clearly the work of an artist.

Girls with tattoos are often perceived to be sexier and more attractive. But in some countries, there is still a stereotype that they are frivolous and more accessible. It doesn’t matter where the tattoo is located and what exactly is depicted on the body. At the same time, the attitude towards tattoos on the body of men is almost indifferent and has little effect on the level of their sexual attractiveness.

General tendencies are hardly worth taking as an axiom. Some people like body decoration in the form of tattoos, but some people don’t. They attract some like a magnet, others, on the contrary, repel. Sometimes a person cannot even explain why he succumbed to the desire to depict this or that pattern on the body. A noticeable tattoo distinguishes from the crowd, located in intimate places, acts on the owners in the same way as beautiful lingerie – others do not see, but the sense of self changes. Tattoos are a little secret and intrigue with an erotic touch.

This girl knows very well about her sexuality.

According to statistics, 38% of the world’s population has at least one tattoo on their bodies. So means that among our players there are also connoisseurs of ink designs. Therefore, we added more tattoos to the game so that everyone can personalize their character.

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