Дек 22, 2021

Christmas and New Year are the holidays that we look forward to throughout the year. And you?

What does it take to have fun meeting them? Of course, this is a fun group of friends, a noisy party, and awesome costumes. And all this in our Christmas update.

11 new items
33 limited-time holiday outfits
5 Christmas stickers
Festive bar

New items based on this year’s hit Squid Game. You can become the main character of New Year’s Eve. Exclusive T-shirt with number 001 is not available for purchase. It can only receive as a gift. 

Make the best Christmas present.

But that’s not all. We add 5 new MFF poses and started a big themed sale of MFF poses. Discounts up to 50%. Hurry up to buy.

New poses in this video.

A festively decorated bar, themed outfits, and your in-game friends await you.

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