Jun 07, 2021

Hello, lovelies!

I’ve been asked by multiple people this week how I’m holding up with this whole pandemic thing, and my answer has been concise: every day is the same now and time has lost all meaning. ⏳

But that’s why we have lewd games in our lives, to break up the monotony! And I’ve got some good ones for you this week.

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Now let’s get into it!

Put a lil’ extra in your order at the Succubus Cafe 😈

Succubus Cafe is a place, only open at night, in which a trio of succubuses (succubi?) serve customers regular drinks, but slip a little something extra in as well if they fancy you. When you order the special, you’ll awake in the backroom, where the girls are ready to serve you in a very different way.

Succubus Cafe is a very typical sex simulator with not much in the way of gameplay. The modeling and animations are very impressive though, and it does provide some level of customization of the female characters. I honestly think the best part is the floppy dick animation that comes after a huge orgasm. I’ve never seen that before in a game like this and it definitely adds to the realism! 😂

Succubus Cafe is available now on Steam.

Make sure to ask for the list of ingredients in Slime Girl Smoothies 🍸

Shady Corner (of Shady Lewd Kart fame) has announced a new game and this time it’s a puzzler! Slime Girl Smoothies has you mixing drinks and hanging out with slime girls.

The benefit of being a slime girl is that they can mix the drinks inside their body! Each girl has a unique way of using her assets to serve the drinks to customers.

This game looks really cute and sexy and I can’t wait to see where they take it next!

A free demo for Slime Girl Smoothies is available now on Itch.

Writing Wrap-Up 📖

Cheeky chuckle 🤭

Artist spotlight 💡

Thanks for reading this far!

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Until next time!

-Mr. Hands

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    May Flower
    May Flower
    3 months ago

    I feel excited and enthusiastic! It’s always great to share experiences and to feel connected with someone else.

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