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Jun 07, 2019

After the start of the crowdfunding campaign, we receive letters from you with stories about what Yareel means to you. And we are very pleased to receive them. So we become closer to you – our players.

With the permission of the authors we will share their stories with you. Authors of stories published by us will receive 100 berries per account. Send your story to


What does Yareel mean to you? Why are you with us? Write it in comments.

Hello Yareel!

I have made a donation and I hope it will help you, just like your game helps me and other people.

I work as a nanny in Hong Kong and my husband and daughter live in another country. I visit them only once a year. As you understand such a long separation in marriage does not leads to normal marital relations. Previously we have communicated only by phone, but it was not enough for us. Therefore we were very happy to discover Yareel. Now every night I meet my husband in the game. With your help the distance between us seems to be not so big. Our sexual life is with us again. Yes it is not the same as in reality but nevertheless.

You really help such families as mine, who constantly live in separation with their lovers. And I really hope that Yareel will continue to develop and delight its players. My husband and I are very grateful to you for this wonderful game. Thank you Yareel!

Your Maryjane

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1 year ago

I havent been playing yareel for very long but i can tell just from the first 10 or so games ive played this game is better than 99% of the adult games out there they even went as far as adding noises! now from what i thinmthink i know that isnt very easy hell mnf club dosent have noises and only has a limited amount of positions u can do but this game has so many different positions, sounds, speeds and u can even buy clothes tattoos and so much more it feels like u get rewarded and learn more things as you play and i love that. I also love role playing and everyone in this game role plays while doing their dirty deeds and i also love that. I dont have any connection issues i find games in less then 5 seconds everything runs smoothy and thats all i ask for in a game like this and this game is on a whole other level.

1 year ago

It’s finally given people a chance to experience virtual reality. Good job!

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