Juin 18, 2019

We keep getting your stories from you. Thank you for that. Don’t forget that the authors whose stories we publish receive 100 berries.

Hi yareel,

I am a 22 year old virgin guy. Till didn’t have relationship with any one because I’m shy type and didn’t interacted deeply with any girl. I know about me, But loneliness was killing me inside. I have my feelings. Then I watched porn movies often. In some days I felt that I’m getting addicted with it. I decided to go on a different track.

Then I found yareel 😊

At first I was curious and played lots of games. After then, I met with different people and had deep relationships with some of them. I made many friends from different countries. I’m happy now because yareel solved my thirst of young age and I overcame my loneliness. I hope that all people like me are happy with yareel. I wish yareel to continue this good service endless. Yareel made me complete.

Yareel is a great gift for me 😍

Love you yareel ❤

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