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Today the hero of our interview is Johnxoxo. A player who has been with us since the first prototype of Yareel. We are very interested to know his opinion about the game, especially since he has such a great gaming experience. And you?

— Hello! Tell me something about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do in real life, how old are you?
— Hello, my in-game name is Johnxoxo and i am from Bavaria in Germany. I have done a lot in my life especially been in a lot of different schools with focus on economics. In 2020 I finished my studies in “marketing in the health market”. The focus of these studies was the economical services in the German health system but also the German health system. Currently I am 32 years old.

— Is it easy for you to communicate with people in the real world? Do you have many friends and acquaintances? Do you consider yourself open or, on the contrary, a shy person?
I wouldn’t say that it is easy for me to communicate with people in the real world. I also don’t have that many friends, but I never considered myself a social person that needed many friends. I am introverted and happy with the people I know. But when it comes to talking with others, I would consider myself open in the way that I am very direct (I often say things that others wouldnt say and what I really think). I am also shy towards new people but totally fine with it.

— Do you have a permanent offline partner? If not, how often do you date in real life?
— Yes, I am in a very long and stable relationship and very happy with my partner. Yareel will not change that.

— How long have you been with Yareel3D?
Hard to say since it has been for a long time but i would say since 2017 or 2016. So, for 4 to 5 years.

— How did you come here, how did you find this game?
One day I found the predecessor SexPexFex which i thought was interesting. Through it I found out about Yareel which I liked enough to make an account.

— How much time do you spend in the game?
— I am almost every day online but for how long depends on my mood. Sometimes I just come online to get my daily reward and sometimes I stay for hours or leave it in the background for almost a complete day.

— Is it important for you how your character, clothes, hairstyle looks? What about the characters of other players?
Hard to say. I really like to customize my character in video games so that they look like me. But I think that the options in Yareel are too limited (no beard, body mases) for me which is why I don’t see it that important how my character looks in Yareel. How other players look doesnt really matter to me.

— How do you use Yareel? Is it just casual dating, or is there something more, like a long-term relationship within the game?
I am here for both. I am mostly here for casual dating, but I am more interested in a long-term relationship which I hadn’t that much success with. But even if I had a good relationship with someone in Yareel it would never replace my relationship with my real partner. It also should never replace it and only stay online.

What attracts you to people? What qualities? How do you recognize that a person in a game is interesting to you?
— Sexually I am extremly attracted to dominant people especially dominant women. Other than that, I love to talk with people that are smart or are able to talk for a long time. A good way for players to show that they are interessting is how they fill their profile or if they message me in a unique and erotic way. In their profile I am looking mostly at the written text.

— Do you first communicate for a long time, before moving to a higher level, or do you immediately ask to play with you (have sex)? Is it difficult for you to find a sex partner in the game?
Since I am a bit shy, I normally don’t message other players. I just don’t know what I should say to them. I mostly wait till someone writes at me. So yeah, it is kind of hard and sometimes frustrating for me to find a partner in Yareel. But if I am chatting with someone, I normally like to follow their pace. If they need time, then they should get it.


Do you have any particular fetishes in sex or fantasies? Have you tried to implement them in the game? If yes, please tell us more. Is it easy to find someone in the game who shares your fetish?
Like I already said I like dominant partners. Other than that, I have a lot of BDSM and control fetishes (IRL commands, bondage, slave master relationship, homewrecking). I also implemented some of these fetishes in the game. For me it isn’t hard to find people with the same interests. But it is hard to find female players with these fetishes that would want a longer relationship. I would love to live these fetishes out in the game with a long living relationship with a female player.

— What level of arousal do you feel having sex in the game? Is it like watching porn or is it something else?
It depends on the players. A lot of male players can be annoying or finish the game to fast which can be frustrating. A lot of female players on the other site can be extremely erotic and are a unique sexual experience. I would say that if I have a really good experience, no matter if female or male, it can be extremely arousing for me. Even more than any porn could do. A reason it can be better than porn is that players can react to each other and create a special connection to their partner.

— Have you tried group sex in a game or same sex? If so, do you have the same experience in real life? Or is it just experiments that you can only afford in the virtual world?
Yes, I’ve tried group sex, but I prefer sex with just two people either female or male. I had sex with men a very long time ago and since I am in a serious relationship im sure that sex with males will only happen online.

— Tell me about your best sexual experience at Yareel?
There were two experiences that I really loved. Both were with women. One was with a woman who wanted me to worship her like a goddess and make real life pictures for her. She really took her time and asked me a lot of personal and sexual questions. The fact that I had to praise her like a goddess, send her picture and talking about my real life was extremely erotic for me and one of the first times where I really opened about myself. The other was with a girl where I had a similar experience. She wanted me to serve and do sexual thinks IRL for her.

— And in real life? 🙂
Also two things both connected to my partner. The first was when my partner tried a BDSM relationship with me where I saw her as my sex goddess, and I had to serve her sexually. Unfortunately, she is inexperienced in being dominant, so we changed the roles. Now I became the dominant partner, and she wants me to dominant her. Even if it feels nice to control her and see her as me slave I would love if we changed the roles.

— Does playing a sex game mean that you have a little sex in the real world?
More or less. I like to get sexually active in real life when I am playing but I always see it as virtual sex with a person I will never meet in reality.

— Do you have a lot of friends in the game? How trusting are you with them? Do you tell them about yourself in real life, outside of the game?
I have a lot of friends in Yareel but they are mostly just people that sended me a friend request and nothing more. If a person is interesting for me then I don’t mind telling them something about my real self.

Is your personality in the game the same as in life or have you invented a new “I” for yourself?
Everything I say or do in the game is how I am. I think that this is better for the other person so that they know how I am in real life.

Do you transfer acquaintances here to the real world or messengers? Maybe even meeting people from the game in real life? If so, what was the experience like?
No, I don’t personally meet people from Yareel and I never send acquaintances to Yareel.

What is your favorite thing about Yareel3D?
The fact that you can play and talk with others. A thing I don’t like about porn is that you are just a viewer who can’t control or interact with what is shown. I see it like a competitive video game. The AI will always do the same tricks and will never change. But playing against other players will always feel different and unpredictable. Yareel gives you the option to always be surprised by other players. It is also a more individual experience since the other people can react and directly interact with you.

— What you don’t like?
As much as i like the interaction with people I also hate it. If they are bad or just don’t want to talk with you then it can easily get uninteresting or boring. There also seems to be a lot of technical problems (games won’t load, game gliches)

— If you could change something in the game, what would it be?

  • A chat board where people can create topics and search for specific players for their games or relationships.

  • The option to chat outside of a game with more than just one people. With other words the option to chat with three or more person in one chat.

  • More options for character customization (beards, more accessories like clocks, different body mases)

  • Something like a main sexual category that can be seen on the first profile site which shows for what the players are mainly in Yareel (for example for Rps, BDSM, …)

  • Maybe a 3x male for gays and 3x female for lesbians. Also, more BDSM poses and a BDSM room.


— In your application for the interview, you said you were «Experienced a lot of good and bad moments in Yareel with other players and the game.» Please tell us more about both the bad and the good.
— Like I already said the sexual experience in Yareel depends on the players. When I think back about the situations, I described in question about my best sexual experience these were some hot moments. I still think about the woman with which I had the first described situation. It changed a lot of what I expect from the players of Yareel. I still have some good moments that really turn me on. Like every time when I play with someone dominant or smart. But there are also moments where I just get annoyed by players that take too much time changing the positions or are inactive during games. There are also a lot of scammers that are sending links to different suspicious sites. Or people that message me who then will never write back after i answered them. There are just a lot of annoying or arrogant people in Yareel but also some that are really hot and interesting. My problems with the game itself are the bugs and the feeling that a lot of updates and development should be made. But I also have a lot of respect for the Yareel team for making a free adult game that can be perfectly played without aggressive monetizing.

— Have you played other multiplayer sex games and how does Yareel compare to them?
Yes, I tried another multiplayer sex game and did not liked it. Yareel is simpler and less complex in terms of gameplay and technique. Yareels strength is in its accessibility: even if you don’t pay you can get the whole game with no problems which is in my opinion a huge strength.

— What do adult games mean to you? What are they give you? Why are you playing them?
Adult games give me the possibility to live out my sexual fantasies that I cannot live out in the real world. Erotic is in general something that I feel is important in our lives and should always be lived out. Games like Yareel give me the chance to talk with other people about sex and experience it with them.

— And the last question — What advice would you give our readers if they haven’t played Yareel yet and decide to give it a try?
— For males: take your time with women. They get a lot of messages and friend requests. Give them some space, respect their opinion, don’t harass them and don’t spam them.

For people in general: Lower your expectations and take your time. Virtual sex is different than real sex and more about smart talking. Read profiles before you message anyone so that they know that you care about their interests. Play random to get to know new players. Be honest with your profile and don’t pretend.

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