We continue our series of interviews with players. They are all different, age, country, reasons why they play adult games, but they are all united by playing Yareel3D. Today our hero is Master.Tony7. If you want to know more about him, read this interview. We are waiting for your comments on this post. Maybe you have some tips for us too on what we need to add to the BDSM community.

– Hello! Tell me something about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do in real life, how old are you?
– My name is Toni. I’m 36 years old and I come from Croatia. In real life I work as a security guard in construction company.

– Is it easy for you to communicate with people in the real world? Do you have many friends and acquaintances?
– I communicate easily with people in real world, but I choose my friends carefully. That is why I don’t have many real friends in real world.

– Do you have a permanent offline partner? If not, how often do you date in real life?
– I don’t have permanent offline partner. I go on dates once or twice a month.

– How long have you been with Yareel3D? How did you come here, how did you find this game? How much time do you spend in the game?
– I have been with Yareel3D for a 3 years and in that time I changed few accounts. With this account more than a year now. I found this game by accident. I was looking for games for adults which can be played on phone and I found Yareel3D. I play Yareel around two hours per day and I play them in several times in day. Of course I try to play it every day.

Is it important for you how your character, clothes, hairstyle looks? What about the characters of other players?
– For my character I don’t belive that is important or not how does it looks. That is why I don’t care much about how characters of other players look.

– What attracts you to people? What qualities? How do you recognize that a person in a game is interesting to you?
– In game I’m trying to find people who are interesting to me by carefully checking their profile, especially their sexual interests. I appreciate honesty above all.

– Do you first communicate for a long time, before moving to a higher level, or do you immediately ask to play with you (have sex)? Is it difficult for you to find a sex partner in the game?
– It’s sometimes hard to find sex partner in game, but that doesn’t happened too often. Depanding on my mood, sometimes I choose quick sex partner, although I more enjoy n long chat before any action.

– Do you have any particular fetishes in sex or fantasies? If yes, please tell us more. Is it easy to find someone in the game who shares your fetish?
– I do have fetishes that I successfully implement in game. It’s male domination, especially tie people and give them orders while we play. To be honest it’s easy to find someone who have fetishes that matching mine since there is a quite a number of people who wants to try submission. Sometimes, if I feel that my partner could be open to become sub I let them ( mostly women ) to realise it by themselfs.

Can you suggest us some features for the BDSM community in the game that we can add?– For BDSM community in game you could add events where we could discuss about our expirience and where Dom could present their sub and show their progresa.


– Have you tried group sex in a game or same sex? If so, do you have the same experience in real life? Or is it just experiments that you can only afford in the virtual world?
– I tried all types of sex in game and it’s not same as real life. Here I must be honest and say that I haven’t try same sex in real life. And I don’t have any desire to try it. No hard feelings.

What level of arousal do you feel having sex in the game? Is it like watching porn or is it something else?
– When I’m having sex in the game mostly arouse me like watching porn. On some rare occasions it goes beyond that feeling and I cum harder. That happen when I play with partner who understand what D/s relation realy is.

– Tell me about your best sexual experience at Yareel?
– My best sex expirience in Yareel was at the very beginning of using Yareel. It all started with casual chat with girl. After few days I tried my luck and I invited her. On my surprise she accepted. Game did start slow untill I challenge her to slap herself. Since she was VIP she started voice chat. I could hear how she slaps herself and how she moan. I don’t know did she cum, but I know I did 😀. And there was couple of times when things ended on video call, but that’s for some other times.

– And in real life? 🙂
– My best sex expirience in real life goes back when I was 19. I was first year on college. Things started in math class ( it was very boring lecture) and ended in my apartment. Her name was T*** and she was slim, dark hair beuty with a nice 34 C tits. What makes it so special was that she was willing to let me tie her. It wasn’t my best performace but it is very special to me.

– Does playing a sex game mean that you have a little sex in the real world?
– Well playing Yareel does seems that I have little seks in real life. The thing is, I have certain health issues ( which I’d love to keep to myself ) so I don’t have as much sex as I would like.

– Do you have a lot of friends in the game? How trusting are you with them? Do you tell them about yourself in real life, outside of the game?
– I don’t have much friends in game, but few of them I trust enough to give them my WhatsUp number. I met some people from Yareel in real life, but we use video call or chat on social media. But if you ask have I meet anyone face to face answer is no.

– Is your personality in the game the same as in life or have you invented a new “I” for yourself?
– My in game personality is pretty much same as me in real life.

– What is your favorite thing about Yareel3D?
– My favorite thing about Yareel3D is possibility to meet people from all around the world and talk with them about anything. Especially since we all know what kind of a place is Yareel.


– What you don’t like?
– I don’t like gift beggars. And all those who use kids on their photos.

– If you could change something in the game, what would it be?
– I would add possibility to change your name. And possibility of relationship status with someone. For example D/s relationship.

– Have you played other multiplayer sex games and how does Yareel compare to them?
– No I haven’t played other multiplayer sex games. And I don’t have any desire to play them since all of them, as I know, can only be played on computer. I play Yareel on phone.

– What do adult games mean to you? What are they give you? Why are you playing them?
– I play sex game mainly to entertain myself during long night shifts. If happened anything more, great. It’s double win for me. And I hope for the people I play with.

– And the last question – What advice would you give our readers if they haven’t played Yareel yet and decide to give it a try?
– To all those who wants to try Yareel3D I can say be patient. It may seems discouraging in the beginning but with little patience you can have great fun.

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    May Flower
    May Flower
    1 year ago

    I agree with Master.Tony7. Gift-begging isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone involved. It’s important to be respectful and understanding when it comes to giving and receiving gifts.

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