May 23, 2024

The latest update has dropped, and it’s hotter than ever! Welcome to the RolePlay Update, where fantasies come to life with two sizzling new outfits. Ready to spice up your game? Let’s dive in!

Epic Playboy Bunny Outfit

Step up your roleplay game with the Epic Playboy Bunny Outfit. This isn’t just any costume – it’s the epitome of elegance and allure. Perfect for those special roleplay moments, or if you just want to turn heads in the game.
And for guys who really want to channel their inner Hugh Hefner, why not gift this stunning outfit to your favorite in-game ladies? After all, Hef was all about showering his bunnies with affection and gifts. What girl can resist that?

Cheerleader Costume

Who doesn’t get excited about cheerleaders? Now, you can embody the ultimate cheerleader fantasy with our Cheerleader Costume. Think sexy short skirt, a midriff-baring top, playful bow, and of course, thigh-high socks – all in fiery red. This outfit is all about passion and spirit. This look is guaranteed to set your game on fire.

Updated Currency Conversion

And don’t forget our awesome tradition – every time we add new items, we revamp the old ones. The fabulous Dollar Sign Top and the white short shorts are now priced at 540 and 360 coins respectively, instead of the previous 54 and 36 berries. Now you can splurge on even more goodies without breaking the berry bank.

Get ready to transform your roleplay experience with these amazing new additions. Log in, check out the RolePlay Update, and let the fun begin!

Happy gaming!

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