We continue our series of interviews with players. They are all different, age, country, reasons why they play adult games, but they are all united by playing Yareel3D. Today our hero is Mr.Fanta. He is probably known to everyone who has been playing for a long time. And today, you have a chance to get to know him better.

– Hello! Tell me something about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do in real life, how old are you?
– Hello, my Name is MrFanta, im 51 years old and im from Switzerland.

In real life i have two Jobs, which both keep me busy.

– Is it easy for you to communicate with people in the real world? Do you consider yourself open or, on the contrary, a shy person?
– I’d say im more a introvert person, but i dont have much problems to hold a decent conversation. In both my Jobs i have to communicate with people, so it wouldnt be really good, if it was a big problem for me. 😊 I have a few close friends, that i like to spend time with.

– Do you have a permanent offline partner? If not, how often do you date in real life?
– No i don’t have a permanent offline partner.

– How long have you been with Yareel3D?
– I joined yareel around February 2018. So i joined a bit more than 3 years ago – with a different account back then.

– How did you come here, how did you find this game?
– I was interested to find a good place with fun people to chat with and thats how i found yareel. And of course it had nothing to do with sex 😁

– How much time do you spend in the game?
– Currently i spend maybe 2-3 hours a week in yareel. I login several times to check messages and see if my friends are online.

– How do you use Yareel? Is it just casual dating, or is there something more, like a long-term relationship within the game?
– I have a long-term relationship in the game 😉

– What attracts you to people? What qualities? How do you recognize that a person in a game is interesting to you?
– There are a couple of things that i find very attractive about a person: she must be funny, smart, able to hold a good conversation, empathic and of course female 😉

I usually read people pretty good, so i know after a couple of minutes if someone catches my interest.

– Do you first communicate for a long time, before moving to a higher level, or do you immediately ask to play with you (have sex)? Is it difficult for you to find a sex partner in the game?
– It was never really a problem for me to find sex partners in the game. But i also was never into women, who are not able to have a good convo.

– Do you have any particular fetishes in sex or fantasies? Have you tried to implement them in the game? If yes, please tell us more. Is it easy to find someone in the game who shares your fetish?
– I dont have a particular fetish. And if i had, i wouldnt tell you 😉


What level of arousal do you feel having sex in the game? Is it like watching porn or is it something else?
– Its not the game that feeds my arousal – its the person im with. The game and the animations can sometimes help to get more aroused, but they are not needed after all. The images that my partner creates in my mind are much more arousing than the images on the screen.

– Have you tried group sex in a game or same sex?
– I tried threesomes and foursomes in the game, but i dont do that anymore and im not a big fan.

– Tell me about your best sexual experience at Yareel?
– As the gentleman i am, i will remain silent about this question.

– Does playing a sex game mean that you have a little sex in the real world?
– No i dont think it means that. I think its like a addition to real life sex; kinda like porn is as well.

– Do you have a lot of friends in the game? How trusting are you with them? Do you tell them about yourself in real life, outside of the game?
– I have a lot of friends in the game, but only very few close friends. But i trust these few very much and they also know alot about my real life. I think when you reach some level of friendship, its normal to share stuff from real life.

– Is your personality in the game the same as in life or have you invented a new “I” for yourself?
– I think im pretty much the same person irl, as i am in the game. I dont like to fake a person that im not and i also think im not good in pretending stuff.

– Do you transfer acquaintances here to the real world or messengers? Maybe even meeting people from the game in real life? If so, what was the experience like?
– I never met someone from yareel irl. I think it would be a really big step to do such a thing.
But of course there are few people i wouldnt mind to visit, also cause my friends are from many different countries and cultures – and it would be very interesting to meet them in their countries.

– Why do you think some players don’t like you. Do you have enemies in the game?
– I guess as in real life there are different reasons, why people dont like each other: different opinions, jealousy and many more. I guess some (or many?) people dont like me, cause i usually say what i think. Also that i dont shut up, when someone is agressive against my friends or is molesting women in the game. Because of the anonymity of the game, some people act like total douchebags.

– Are there coalitions between players in the game that oppose other players and their groups? Why does this happen?
– I wouldnt say there are really coalitions. But of course: everyone has friends and also people he/she doesnt like.
Im open to talk with every nice person, no matter if this person has friends, that i dont like.

– How often do conflicts arise in the game and over what? Do you think we should intervene in these conflicts?
– It depends: there are quite often bar fights, but there are also times, when its really peaceful.
I guess it would be good to have administrators who can kick people who are bullying others or spam the bar chat. Also a kickout-option by vote would be a good thing.


– What is your favorite thing about Yareel3D?
– It’s the fact that you can meet amazing people from all over the world, that you would never have met, if not in the game.
Yareel is only as good as the people in there.

– What you don’t like?
– I dont like the fake, bad, jealous, self-centered people, who use the fact that they are anonymous in the game, to make other people feel bad.

– If you could change something in the game, what would it be?
– There should be places, where you can meet a couple of people without having annoying random strangers at the same place. Like private bars, or options to kick people out of it.

– Have you played other multiplayer sex games and how does Yareel compare to them?
– I checked some other games, but yareel was my first game like that and i guess thats why i always returned here.
Some other games have better graphics and more options, so i wouldnt say yareel is the best game available. But again: every game is only as good as the people in it.

– What do adult games mean to you? What are they give you? Why are you playing them?
– I think its like a little escape from real life, like seeing a movie or playing a videogame. Its fun to meet people – thats the main reason why i play it.

– And the last question – What advice would you give our readers if they haven’t played Yareel yet and decide to give it a try?
– Just jump in it – if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find nice people who will become good friends to you.
And if not… its easy to uninstall the game 😉

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    admin is zoo wanker
    admin is zoo wanker
    2 years ago

    hahahaha what a knobhead

    not a pedo
    not a pedo
    2 years ago
    Reply to  Yareel 3D

    why admin cant we say what we know ? lol is there no freedom of speech ?

    2 years ago
    Reply to  not a pedo

    Freedom of speech is cool but stfu

    not a pedo
    not a pedo
    2 years ago

    SO true bro .lol

    2 years ago

    Who is the knobhead now? XD

    2 years ago

    he speaks the truth bro the game developers need to revamp the user experience

    D MusketE
    D MusketE
    2 years ago

    Fanta is one of the people who start bar fights, now he accuses others? lol very big example of hyporcisy

    2 years ago
    Reply to  D MusketE

    What’s hyporcisy?

    1 year ago

    Hypocrisy done wrong

    May Flower
    May Flower
    1 year ago

    That’s unfortunate, but ultimately it’s important to be true to yourself and your beliefs. It’s okay to speak your mind even if it’s not popular – that’s how progress is made.

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