Yareel 3d back to web!
Jul 23, 2019

Dear friends,

We have great news – we have launched the web version of Yareel. You no longer need to suffer from installing Unity player on your PC. Yareel now runs in any browser! From any device!

And this means that you can finally invite your friends who use Apple devices to Yareel and have fun together.

What are the advantages of the web version:

  • availability for Mac OS
  • accessibility for IOS (iphone and ipad)
  • there is no Unity Player update error in the web version
  • no need to install Yareel on Windows – just press a button in the browser and play
  • availability of Yareel in ANY browser

We walked towards this for a long time and thanks to YOUR support, we were able to complete the first stage of the Yareel update. But the new design and the Steam version still need money. We will appreciate any help. We could never did it without you!

If you want to help Yareel then we have prepared various options for sponsorship packages for you so that everyone can contribute in accordance with their capabilities. Any sum is important, because small streams run to a lake.

We believe that together we can bring Yareel to a new level!

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1 year ago

I’ve tried it out. Your web version is currently unavailable on: Firefox, Chrome and Edge. At least without reverting back to older versions of these browsers, so it clearly does not function in “ANY browser”. It states the Unity Web player is required, which is also no longer being supported by Unity itself according to their statement on the website.
(source: https://unity3d.com/webplayer).

I do not know how it functions on IOS, but on Android the game has trouble with the resolution of newer phones, I personally experience tearing in the screen, and text being placed over each other and input boxes.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sjondrico


Thank you for the information.
At the moment, we are trying to fix this bug. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Best wishes,
Yareel Support

1 year ago

It never finishes loading, I have iOS

1 year ago
Reply to  Eze

Can u, please, repeat your request here https://yareel.com/contacts/ , so we can help u to solve the problem.

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