May 11, 2021

Hello, lovelies!

This weekend I had a very nice catch-up with a friend who is also a loyal reader of the newsletter! It was incredible to just go out for burgers and a walk after being cooped up inside for literal months. And it gave me an opportunity to show off progress on my own game as well. 😉

But enough about me! I know what you’re here for and don’t worry, I’ve got plenty in store for you. Every week I bring you the latest from the world of adult games and if you subscribe, I can do so straight from your inbox!

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Now let’s get into it!

Fight for your panties in INMOUNTUKI: Slave Arena 🩲

INMONTOUKI is a lewd 3D fighting game that is strongly influenced by the Dead or Alive fighting games. Fighters in this game use sex to increase their power and store it in a tattoo on their lower belly.

The game is still very early in development, but I think the initial gameplay already looks promising! The game can already be played against local opponents and the developer is working on a solo mode as well.

You can check out INMONTOUKI: Slave Arena on Itch right now.

Bare your neck for First Bite 🦇

A game popped up on my feed recently that I think you might appreciate:

First Bite is an LGBTQ+ dark comedy visual novel where you put your fate in the hands of several centuries-old vampires. Four different writers from different indie studios are working to deliver this adult game by Halloween 2021.

Check out all the relevant info on their website!

Stay on top of all the hottest releases with Sex Positive Gaming 🕹

Sex Positive Gaming continues to put out great content at an amazing rate. This time, they took a look at 12 great titles that are up-and-coming on Steam. I’ve covered some of these for the Naughty List, but some of them were new to me as well!

No shaming, just gaming!

Writing Wrap-Up 📖

Patreon forced Redamz to change their game, prompting them to leave the platform:

Patreon has taken a no-tolerance approach with regards to incest, even ruling out step-relationships. Monster Girl Island seems to be the latest victim of the platform’s rules.

Complex Relations writes about how to write sex scenes:

I’ve seen a lot of people ask for advice on writing sex scenes for VNs, and one of the most common suggestions people tend to offer in response is that they should try drawing on prose erotica, rather than imitating the style of other explicit VNs.

Oprainfall reviewed Tomgirls of the Mountains:

[Our hero] soon tires out and accepts his fate as he fades away, but he doesn’t die. Instead, he wakes up in a strange village with a cute shrine maiden looking over him. He soon learns he is their messenger sent to repopulate the dwindling numbers of their village, and cannot leave until he completes his task.

They also looked at How To Live A Healthy Hentai Lifestyle:

Right off the bat I will say that How to Live a Healthy Hentai Lifestyle! from CLOCKUP is one the most unique nukige titles I’ve ever read. I didn’t know what to expect when I took this one on, and boy did I get more than I bargained for.

Blerdy Otome reviewed otome game War of Roses:

Take on the role of Rose as she attempts to save her family’s flower shop by entering in a local flower competition. But the road ahead won’t be easy, especially when the CEO of a rival corporation has made it her mission to take you down.

Ana Valens penned an excellent article about the ongoing moral panic about porn:

This month, social media messaging app Discord cracked down on NSFW content access for iOS users. After popular backlash, Discord walked back some of its restrictions—but not all of them.

Meet the guy who turned making custom Fleshlights into a hobby:

While the rest of the world moved on, the mastermind behind last year’s Bug’s Life “Heimlich” Fleshlight, Malek Lazri, has spent the year perfecting his craft.

Reddit becomes the latest platform to be sued over adult content:

After years of being targeted by religious anti-porn organization NCOSE (formerly Morality in Media) for allowing sexual content by third-party uploaders, Reddit has now become the latest defendant in an orchestrated campaign of civil lawsuits

Police are investigating arson after Pornhub CEO’s mansion goes up in flames:

Police told VICE they were initially called to a property in Montreal’s upper class Ahuntsic-Cartierville neighbourhood at 11:30 P.M when two people were spotted trespassing on the property.

Love, Emma talks about 14 common mistakes men make in bed:

I’ve had more great sex than bad sex in my life. But I’ve definitely had more bad sex partners than good ones. Unfortunately, that seems to be typical for women who have sex with men.

Cheeky chuckle 🤭

Artist spotlight 💡

Thanks for reading this far!

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Until next time!

-Mr. Hands

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