Jun 26, 2019

Hello yareel,

I’m Viona, from Indonesia, my yareel ID is BoobieVee. 

Just want to share my story why im playing yareel, i was played this game for about 2-3 years, i have fun and express my fantasy on it. My first time played this game was on a holiday, a boring holiday. So i went to a net cafe, there i played some games, when i found this yareel on an advertising page. I played it on web page just for my curiousity, and it was amazing, meet new people around the world, and have sex in game(even almost got caught masturbate there XD). Im a hypersex girl honestly, having sex wherever i am, like on porn movies, but havent express my fantasy much. So i played this game more and more. Im so excited that i realize i never have sex in real life, but on yareel. Thanks to this yareel for helping me minimize my hypersex habits.

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