Jun 18, 2019

We are very pleased that Yareel helps not only to have fun, but also helps to solve various life and psychological problems.

Thank you, our dear players, for sharing your stories with us and other players. It’s great that the Yareel community is so responsive. We love you.

On this page we will collect all your stories. Authors of stories published by us will receive 100 berries per account. Send your story to support@yareel.com.

#HowYareelHelps. Gary: stopped being afraid of girls in real life after two years in Yareel

I understand perfectly well that I am a grown man who needs to start a family, but for me it was a real torture to meet girls. To meet a girl in real life - this is a fucking fuck and epic fail, I start to stutter and speak out of place and twaddle.

#HowYareelHelps. Linda: My husband understands that playing Yareel is not a cheat

My husband constantly goes on business trips. But I need for sex during his absence. I use Yareel only for sexting. It excites me much more strongly and brings more pleasure, than if I simply masturbated in loneliness.

#HowYareelHelps. The Story of a Gay from Iran.

And all my life I keep this secret from everyone because homosexuality in Iran is a question of criminal offense punishable by death. I can not open this to relatives, friends or even family.

#HowYareelHelps. The story of a shy guy.

I made many friends from different countries. I'm happy now because yareel solved my thirst of young age and I overcame my loneliness.

#HowYareelHelps. Maryjane lives away from her husband.

Now every night I meet my husband in the game. With your help the distance between us seems to be not so big. Our sexual life is with us again.

#HowYareelHelps. Fuckrrr247: realize my sexual fantasies in the game.

There are some sex fantasy I want to do with my partner but some times it doesn't work. That's why I start searching for a virtual world for sex...

#HowYareelHelps. How to refresh your relationship after 28 years of marriage

Sometimes we chat in Yareel even during working hours and the degree of our excitement rises so much that when I return home, real sex becomes my first dish for dinner

#HowYareelHelps. LuciferNOX: Now I’m the boss around the girls

I'm the boss around the girls. They need me I got lot of invitations for rooms because I got all posses with VIP access. I do dirty chatting also. I met new people and friends via yareel.

#HowYareelHelps. BoobieVee: Yareel for helping me minimize my hypersex habits

Im a hypersex girl honestly, having sex wherever i am, like on porn movies, but havent express my fantasy much. So i played this game more and more.

#HowYareelHelps. Helen: I met some people in Yareel who really helped me to fulfil my fantasies

Before I joined Yareel I was very shy, especially about my sex life. I was afraid to express my wishes and fantasies and did not enjoy sex at all.

#HowYareelHelps. Christie: In Yareel I met people who don't condemn me

But once I met Yareel and since then it has become for me the place where I can fulfill my sexual needs. I met people who are not afraid of the fact that I am a man in the form of a woman. We are having fun together and I do not see any condemnation on their part.

#HowYareelHelps. Emperorfucker: I love to chat with people of different countries

I'm a normal person who never mix up with people and I always lives in my world but yareel helps to reach a new virtual world with lots of people. I'm so happy cause I got many friends here.

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